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Common packaging materials-commonly used paper types We are dealing with packaging every day in life. The products that eat, wear, use, entertainment are closely related to product packaging. Because of the rapid development of science and technology, major changes have taken place in population form and consumer form, and the major changes in consumer forms are also promoting the steady development of the product packaging box industry and packaging industry technology.

Packaging is an important part of the product. There are many packaging materials that can be seen in daily life, such as paper, plastic, composite materials, bamboo and woodyware materials, glass container metals, etc. The most commonly used packaging people choose paper packaging.

The tradition of our Chinese nation, and the country advocates green packaging, so paper packaging is loved by people. In Chinese history, paper was used to be more valuable materials. As one of the important materials for the development of the packaging industry today, paper materials are divided into many types of paper for product packaging boxes: 1: white card paper: white card paper is one of one one Seeding white hard paper, single -sided coating, and a small number of double -sided white card paper, mainly used to print business cards, invitations, certificates, prizes, books and magazines, and product packaging boxes.

The biggest feature of white cardboard is thick and strong, with high tide and breakout. Different levels of white card paper with different levels have different requirements. The larger the quantity, the higher the level.

The higher the requirements of the tide and the resistance. White card paper belongs to pure wood pulp paper. The white card paper is thick and elastic.

Generally, it is not used for noodle paper, but the customer's request is bumpy, and the feel should be obvious. You can choose 230 grams (210 grams of procurement difficulty) White card paper. It is commonly used in handbag printing.

Generally, 230 grams and 250 grams are commonly used, and 300 grams can also be used. However, because the paper is thick, it is not easy to fold. Unless customers are specially requested, it is generally not used.

2: Copper paper: Copper paper, also known as coating paper. This kind of paper is coated with a layer of white slurry on the original paper, which is made of light. A layer of coatings and rolling to fill the fiber gap of the paper surface, and the printing effect is better.

Generally, 157 grams of copper paper, four -color printing, can be printed in special color; can be convex, but not obvious; can be scalded and scalded with silver; noodles can also be printed. Noodle printed, commonly known as double -sided copper plates, commonly used for propaganda materials, calendars, etc. Items that require double -sided printing.

3: Special paper: Gift boxes commonly used cowhide paper, pearl paper, black card paper, gold and silver card paper, etc. It is not easy to print, but the surface is smooth, which can be printed. Special paper is easily affected by air moisture, and it is easy to start with the edge of the leaf, which causes 30-50 sheets/section than copper printing.

Large, plus cannot cover the membrane, combined with the density board, it is easy to cause breaks at the end of the corner. No matter what kind of packaging materials are selected in the box, as long as the packaging design makes people loveDesign is a visual language, so we play an important role in our lives.This article comes from Dongguan City.

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