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Creative jewelry box design customization shows Caicheng packaging Creative jewelry box always makes people shine, giving gifts can always give people different surprises. Different ideas have different effects, and creative jewelry box design customization should be measured from multiple perspectives, such as box types, patterns, materials, etc. I.

Creative jewelry box design generally has diamond box, octagonal box, heart -shaped box, arc -shaped world box, five -sided box and other glue embryos. The choice of box types first determines the overall visual appearance shape. There are many types of creative jewelry box types.

From the structure of the upper and lower combinations, there is a box of the upper and lower combinations. There are box -type boxes embedded in combinations, open and closing door types with left and right opening and closing. The basic structure, under the basic structural framework, the designers have created a ever -changing box type, adding gorgeous color to the product packaging.

The design pattern design of creative jewelry boxes is to combine the use of the box. , Theme series and other elements, designers will collect a large amount of materials, combine the needs of customer ideas, and then make a comprehensive design plan. The pattern design must be used through concepts to express various means, which is also what we often say \"intend to write first\".

When conceived, we must give play to the subjective motivation. First, we must consider what the content of the design is, and what the purpose, function, and use of the purpose. It includes the meaning of practical and aesthetic symbols, but also considers some requirements and elements, such as the shape, body, color, light and shadow of patterns, and how to perform.

The principle of pattern design art is first overall and comprehensive consideration, followed by the consideration of form beauty, time, time, value technology, cost, etc. It is a reflection of reality after deepening understanding, and it is also an artistic expression made by objective things. Third, creative jewelry boxes selected fabrics: original paper, pearl paper, leather paper, touch paper, leather, cotton, super fiber and so on.

There are velvet, silk noodles, etc. in the lining. I want to talk about the choice of the lining.

The choice of velvet cloth as the lining of the jewelry box is a material that many people choose. We know that the velvet cloth is characterized by strong three -dimensional sense, bright colors, soft feel, luxurious and noble, gorgeous and warm, gorgeous and warm The image is realistic, non -toxic and tasteless, insigning moisture, not linter, friction resistance, flat without gap. Jewelry boxes are selected for foam, corrugated paper forging cloth as a packaging box lining.

Bubble is a kind of inner lining we often use. It is characterized by good shockproofing performance and suitable for packaging boxes with high shockproof requirements. Make a groove with foam, high -end yellow forged cloth.

The sponge is made of jewelry box lining, which is adopted because of low cost and convenient processing. It is suitable for the use of shape rules such as square -shaped items. For example, our common cheap jewelry boxes, just machine cut into the size of the jewelry box, simple slotting slot Essence It is more high -grade than the foam.

With high -end coffee color long plush black velvet cloth, the cost is higher than the foam. The high -end glass jewelry box will use this. The article comes from Caicheng Packaging: http://www.

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