How to choose a high-quality packaging box manufacturer


How to choose a high-quality packaging box manufacturer To teach you how to choose high-quality packaging box professional custom manufacturers, well known that the product needs to be packaged before launch, so product packaging is an indispensable and important part. So where can I customize the packaging box suitable for their own products? Before customizing, we must first customize the product positioning according to the characteristics of the product, and then hand it over to the packaging box custom manufacturer to customize a good design document according to the requirements. Finally, we design the packaging box custom manufacturer with higher matching containers according to the design scheme and design.

Because different products are also different, many manufacturers will customize the corresponding packaging box for their products. At this time, you need to find a professional packaging box manufacturer to let the manufacturers communicate with the design of the product with the designer. Otherwise, it is likely to cause the specifications made by the designer from a technical perspective.

During the customization process, you must not be blindly customized. You need to confirm the following points to enable the designer to better understand the customer's products and give customers an excellent customization plan. First: We have to confirm the box type.

Caicheng packaging boxes are mainly divided into four types of box types. The advantage of the cover box is that the production is relatively simple, and the cost is lower than that of other box types. The advantages of folding packaging boxes are easy to store and do not take up space, saving freight and warehousing costs.

There is also a DIY feeling. The drawer -style packaging box has a pumping feeling like a drawer. Flond -type packaging box is displayed in the style of flip.

In terms of opening, compared with other box types, the opening speed is faster, which is conducive to some surprise gift packaging. The box type is mainly a packaging method. Generally, the packaging box manufacturers will recommend them according to the needs of the user.

The specific product requirements also require specific communication between the two parties. After confirming the box type, it is necessary to involve the size of the box. At this time, the designer design the product's placement and style design.

The size can be customized according to demand. Second: The selection of materials, the selection of materials is very important. The material symbolizes the skin symbolizes the texture.

At present, the common materials of Caicheng packaging box are cardboard (white card paper, black card paper, powder card paper, gold and silver card paper . ), Leather paper (white cowhide, orange leather .), copper version of paper (single copper paper, double copper version), special paper (for the collective referred to some special paper).

Each material needs to be recommended according to the design of the customer and the requirements of the craftsmanship, and it is also recommended to combine the packaging budget. The selected material is mounted on the gray board, which improves the texture and increases the strength. Third: craftsmanship, the commonly printed colors of the packaging box process are printing colors, hot cash, bumps, UVs, pressure patterns, etc.

The box body is mainly printed, because most companies have more colors in the design of the box body. The printing process is usually used. Printing is mainly divided into (four -color printing, full version printing, screen printing), of which four -color printing mostIn the case of more colors and colors, this printing process can perfectly print out the effects that meet the requirements.

The full version of printing, as the name suggests, is mainly used in solid color printing, and the color specifications are relatively uniform. Please ask the model evenly. Silk net printing is mainly used in relatively simple printing, because of its low operation and low cost, it is mainly suitable for low product requirements and low quality requirements and price requirements.

The LOGO's process can be said to be the most in the packaging box, because the LOGO has the finishing touch, and most of the product packaging will be highly required in the logo process and effect. The LOGO's process is mainly cash and silver, bumps, UV, printing . Pursuing quality packaging, commonly uses the logo to use the bumps and hot cashmere process, which has a bumpy touch in the eye -catching and quality of the texture, and then highlights the quality.

Fourth: Sample, in the case where all processes are confirmed, proofing is the only criterion for the test results. If the packaging box manufacturer who wants to cooperate can design the customer to express the implication, it depends on the physical sample, then it must be it must be it. Win -win, but this tests the professionalism of packaging box manufacturers.

Therefore, in the process of sample production, customers must not only closely contact the packaging box factory, but also closely communicate with customers to ensure the progress of the final sample. unnecessary trouble. Caicheng Company introduced so many places that need to be paid attention to.

How to choose a packaging box custom manufacturer that suits them should have a certain understanding. In the process of product communication And the company's strength and some cases made to investigate. Dongguan, please indicate the source when reprinting!.

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