How to choose packaging materials? What are the classifications of packaging materials?


How to choose packaging materials? What are the classification of packaging materials? 2019-12-06 How to choose packaging materials? What are the classification of packaging materials? Choosing the right packaging material is a matter of hurting the brain, because the packaging materials become thousands of types, and different products will be used to make suitable packaging boxes, packaging bags, etc. different products. It is also important to use the corresponding materials for the process packaging box.

Let ’s let you talk about the classification of packaging materials and what industries most of the different packaging materials are applied. Classification by packaging materials: 1. Paper packaging: such as paper bags, paper cups, paper plates, paper bottles, carton boxes, cartons, etc.

; This is a common packaging material, suitable for most product packaging, and paper packaging is the paper packaging is Environmental materials are currently popular packaging materials that are loved by domestic and foreign merchants. (Environmental paper materials are shown in the figure below) 2. Plastic packaging: such as plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic boxes, etc.

This packaging material is relatively common in jewelry packaging. Paper materials are not so environmentally friendly, and businesses who want to save packaging costs can consider. 3.

Metal packaging: such as pamura iron tanks, aluminum tanks, etc., such materials are also common in daily life. It belongs to the packaging materials often used in mid -to -high -end products and is also commonly used in food packaging.

4. Glass, ceramic packaging: such as glass bottle, porcelain bottle, etc., glass and ceramics are inert.

They are commonly used in foods that are prone to oxidized, which can extend the shelf life of food. 5. Wood packaging: such as wooden barrels, wooden boxes, wooden boxes, etc.

This material is generally used in higher -end gift packaging, such as high -end wine, high -end tea, high -end health care products, the advantages are obvious, which can improve and improve it. The added value of the product. 6.

Fiber products packaging: such as sacks, white cloth bags, etc., such as rice, tea, nuts and other jewelry packaging 7. Composite materials packaging: such as paper, boxes made of composite materials such as paper, aluminum foil, plastic, metal and other composite materials , Box, etc.

, often use food, medicine, cosmetics packaging (as shown in the figure below for reference) 8. Natural material packaging: such as grass bags, bamboo baskets, baskets, etc., often used in the original ecological product packaging The city packaging editor introduced the above eight types of packaging materials.

The purpose is to help you who are still confused and do not know what materials to choose as your product packaging. Choosing the appropriate packaging material is also a favorable weapon for marketing. If you have any other packaging materials, you are welcome to consult us ~.

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