Make a commemorative coin box


Making commemorative currency box As a many 80s, I have seen a tractor, I have seen a tractor, took the Phoenix brand bicycle, and accidentally got a few Yuan Dadou when I packed the remaining items in my hometown. It was an unexpected harvest. How to save these coins, if you place it at will, it is easy to oxidize and mold, damage the commemorative coin.

The price of buying a commemorative coin box is too high. After consulting the relevant information, I decided to make the commemorative coin box by myself. First of all, we must determine the style and production of the commemorative coin box, because the commemorative coins I want to save are round coins, so in the shape of the shape, I choose circular, the carton box is high, it is convenient to make, the cost is low, the cost is low, the cost is low, the cost is low, the cost is low, the cost is low , So I make it with a thicker material.

After selecting the appropriate material, we start making. First of all, draw a circle that is slightly larger than Yuan Datou along the cardboard. Here we must pay attention to making the commemorative coin box.

The commemorative coin is large. If the coins in the box will roll back and forth, it is not conducive to storage, if too small coins cannot be installed. After the size is measured, trim the painting along the painting size with scissors.

Pay attention to the gaps of the paste must be firm. When the commemorative coins are stored, pay attention to the isolation from the air, because the commemorative coin contact the air will oxidize and damage it. The appearance, the interface of the box can be done slightly, which is not conducive to air entry.

After the paste is pasted, we can try whether the connection mouth is firm. Next is the inside of the commemorative coin box. We can find some abandoned sponges to cut into round shapes and wrap the sponge in a red puffy puff in the box.

This is for fixed commemorative coins and easy to display. Finally, the appearance of the commemorative currency box is made. We can choose a hand -painted pattern.

The pattern we like is on it. A beautiful and practical commemorative coin box is made. Making commemorative currency boxes is both economical and affordable and more meaningful.

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