Moisture-proof and mildew-proof protection for the packaging box, not afraid of heavy rainfall and wet days


Caicheng is protected by moisture-proof and mildew-resistant to packaging boxes. It is not afraid of the heavy rainfall and humidity 2020-06-09 2219 Recently, many regions have encountered heavy rainstorm climate, and heavy rain has continued for many days, especially in the southern region. With heavy rain, the humidity continues to rise day and night, and it is really uncomfortable.

If the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause bacterial breeding and mold. After the packaging box of Caicheng is done, we must also protect the protection of hygroviolers and mold. We have a special wet house, and we are not afraid of strengthening the rainy and humid climate.

After the packaging box is done, we will install it with a unified carton, and then pull it to the wet room to prevent the packaging box because of the high humidity and mold. It can control the moisture -proof and mildew and prevent the product, so that it meets the quality standards. Our staff will work in accordance with the standard standards.

1. Confirm the relative humidity of the environment 2. Set the temperature and humidity test point in the fixed -point setting of the wet house and the exterior housing and configure the temperature and humidity meter.

3. Check the humidity meter from the designated special person, check it every day at 9:30 in the morning and at 2:30 pm, and record the inspection results in the \"Workshop temperature and humidity record form\" 4. Confirm the relative humidity of the day through the humidity meter.

When the relative humidity reaches or more than 70%, when the humidity of materials, semi -finished products, packaging materials and finished bags exceeds 12%, it should be noted that the production workshop is supervisor. 5. When the relative humidity of the environment reaches 70%, the supervisor of the production workshop shall designate the equipment for the special person to open the wet house, and coordinate the personnel of the production workshop to send the materials, packaging materials or finished products, semi -finished products that need to be wet into the wet house.

Middle 6. After opening the wet room, the relative humidity in the wet room must be kept below 70%. Caicheng -related staff will ensure that the packaging box is stored under the appropriate humidity, so that the packaging box is well preserved, so that customers will be satisfied with the finished product.

In the real time, it is a good way to prevent the rain and humidity of the rain. Caicheng has a good method of protecting the moisture and mold protection of the box. The Caicheng packaging box has 21 years of experience in the packaging industry.

It has a professional packaging box custom storage system. If you want to customize the packaging box, you can consult a 24-hour hotline: 153-8426-6589 articles are from Caicheng.

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