Tell you the types of jewelry boxes that many people don't know


Do you know the type of jewelry box? Jewelry Jewelry is the favorite of many girls and one of the gifts for gifts. Whether given to yourself, or to others, exquisite jewelry, most people will see it in front of them. For the small partner of the Caicheng packaging team, it is more about understanding of jewelry boxes.

However, there are still many people who do not know the types of jewelry boxes. Today, the editor of Caicheng has compiled some information to let everyone know the type of jewelry box more. 1.

Paper jewelry boxes are generally made of paper paper on the market. A layer of mounting paper is wrapped outside. The mounting paper is generally plastic with strong double copper paper.

This type of box is relatively cheap, and generally uses more silver jewelry stores. Of course, some tall paper jewelry boxes will also appear in the jewelry shop. As a packaging box manufacturer, most of the orders received by Caicheng Packaging are still paper.

2. The velvet jewelry boxes of the velvet jewelry box are plastic as the main architecture. The surface is velvete, which looks more beautiful and light.

The velvet box is relatively high than the carton. This is usually used by silver jewelry, gold, etc. 3.

Jewelry jewelry boxes such as gelatin jewelry box are generally used in injection molding, which are produced in mass production. Generally, tens of thousands of demand, mostly velvet, and also mounted. The level is not very low, it is the first choice for most jewelry dealers.

4. Wooden jewelry box solid wood jewelry boxes are relatively high -end jewelry packaging. Generally, solid wood is the main material and spray paint treatment.

Many companies use this solid wood jewelry box to be exported abroad. The batch is not large, but the production cycle is long and the price is expensive. 5.

Glass jewelry box is made of organic glass. It is not easy to shatter, wear -resistant, and anticorrosive, glass jewelry box and fashion elements, giving a strong sense of the times and modern atmosphere. This type of box is generally used in high -end jewelry packaging.

This material jewelry box is often equipped with some flowers or green plants during use. It looks very advocating nature, which not only gives people a sense of ground, but also makes people feel immortal. The above are the five types of jewelry boxes.

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