What are the materials and characteristics of tea packaging box design


What are the materials and what are the characteristics of the tea packaging box? It's right. Take tea, the original tea box is basically paper and iron tanks. The design of the packaging box is also simple, but as people's requirements for gift boxes gradually increase, the packaging box has changed from simple to high -end.

Such as tea packaging box, it also considers craftsmanship, making materials and other factors. So what can be designed in the design of the tea packaging box? First of all, different types of packaging boxes must also be particular about design. For example, the packaging of wooden gift boxes is a kind of packaging box that everyone prefer.

Its surface is wood, which is a textured item. It only needs a simple carving design. It is necessary to write the name of the tea brand.

Proper white -leaving will make the wooden packaging box more beautiful. The design of the wooden tea packaging box is not too particular about the design, and the internal design is mainly simple, so that the gift box is more simple and heavy, and the gift is more high -end. Secondly, the gift box packaging of iron cans.

This type of design can be simple to have only one tea name, plus a paper handbag with a printed number, and a tea packaging box is completed. The design of the iron can is not as many, but streamlined. This is probably the characteristics of the iron can packaging box.

Another is a ceramic -type packaging box. The design of this tea packaging box is mainly designed in shape. Ceramics are objects with beauty and design.

Packaging tea does not require too many designs to set off the design of the ceramic. Therefore, the same is true of the packaging boxes of tea. It follows the natural and simple style.

As long as the appearance is delicate enough. In terms of tea packaging box design, it follows high -end, simplicity, and natural, so that it can also set off the good quality of tea. Different levels of tea, the packaging box is even more different, and the texture is better.

If you need to buy tea, you can carefully observe the design of the tea packaging box. Tea packaging box design combines materials and craftsmanship together to create high -quality tea outer packaging images. At the same time, it also brings an invisible influence to the brand.

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