What is the concept of packaging? What does the packaging mean for the product?


What is the concept of packaging? What is the meaning of packaging to the product? When it comes to packaging, people in different countries and different periods give it different connotations. Why do we say that its connotation is different in different periods, which is related to the development of society, what purpose do we need to use packaging! The definition of \"bags\" and \"packaging\" in \"Ci Hai\" is: \"bag\": package, bag collection, storage. It means wrapped things with certain materials.

The fundamental purpose is to make things difficult to damage, facilitate transportation and storage. This is the category of practical science and belongs to the concept of physics. \"Installation\": Installation, dressing, loading, decoration and style, and appearance, refers to the beautification and decoration of the wrapped things with different methods.

It looks more beautifully wrapped in the outside. This is the concept of culture without learning. The packaging and the product are inseparable.

With the product, there must be packaging for protection. The concept of \"packaging\" is to integrate the definition of \"packaging\" with \"installation\" reasonably and effectively. It contains the following meanings -protection, integration, transportation, and beautification.

my country's national standard \"Part 1: Basic\" confirmed that packaging is the overall name of containers, materials and auxiliary objects used in accordance with a certain technical method to protect products, convenient storage and transportation during circulation, and promote sales. It also refers to the operation activities of a container, material and auxiliary items used to achieve the above purposes. Countries in the world have different understanding of the meaning of packaging, and the statements are not the same, but the basic meaning is the same.

They all use the function of packaging as their core content. The United States defines packaging as: using appropriate material containers, and applied to technology, so that it can achieve product safety reaching the destination one by one, that is, every stage of the product transportation process. It does not affect product value.

Japan's definition of packaging is: \"In the transportation, storage, transactions or use of items, in order to protect its value and original state, the technology and status of proper materials, containers, etc. The product is sent by suppliers to customers or consumers, and tools that can maintain their products. The British definition of packaging is: the art, science and technology preparation for the transportation and sales of goods.

In the past, people thought that packaging was used to accommodate the items, or the operations of the items, and the bundle of the items, and only played the role of accommodating items and facilitating use. This understanding is obviously one -sided. Now people give a wider meaning to packaging.

From the perspective of systematic theory, it connects the purpose, requirements, constituent elements, functional functions, and practical operations of the packaging, forming a complete concept. That is, the production enterprise uses a protective and decorative packaging material or packaging container for the products produced, and uses appropriate technical means to implement packaging operations to achieve the specified quantity and quality; at the same time, try to improve the external structure, reduce the packaging packaging, reduce the packaging packaging Cost, so as to the entire process of circulation until consumptionIn China, make the product easy to store and carry, prevent the product from damaging and deteriorating, does not pollute the environment, facilitates the identification of applications and recycling waste, has attraction, open sales, and continuously promote the expansion of reproduction. Modern packaging is not just simple protection and accommodation products, but has developed into a bridge to communicate production and consumption.

As an important cultural phenomenon, the packaging design has become a conscious behavior in human economic activities. It has been sublimated from the past product packaging to today's cultural packaging. This is a new cultural internal internal internal internal internal internal internal internal internal in the 21st century.

A person's costume can reflect his thoughts and cultivation levels, and the packaging design can also reflect different connotations such as products, brands, and enterprises. The packaging of industrial production, science and technology, culture and art, folk customs, etc., can not only protect, Xuanyi passes products, but also promote the added value of products and increase the added value of products.

Sales packaging is the integration of protective functions and artistic aesthetics, and is a combination of practicality and novelty innovation. Successful packaging promotion is the idea of \u200b\u200bthe producer, and the creator's thinking and resonance of the needs of the buyer. Only by grasping consumers 'psychology, catering to consumers' preferences, meeting consumer needs, and stimulating and guiding consumer emotions, can they stand out in the fierce business war and stabilize the vouchers.

In short, packaging is a system that enables products from manufacturers to consumers to ensure the smooth realization of its use value and value and have specific functions. At the same time, packaging is also an important part of the goods. It is a means to realize the value and use value of the product.

It is a bridge for direct commodity production and consumption, which is closely related to people's lives.

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