What kind of tea boxes are packed?


Tea-drinking culture existed thousands of years ago, and it continues to be popular today. Tea-drinking lovers like to collect all kinds of tea leaves to make tea and drink tea, whether they are drinking it by themselves or with friends, at the tea table. It is also a pleasant thing to drink tea slowly.

Later, with the growth of material wealth, people gave tea as a gift, and the packaging of the gift was naturally not bad. For this reason, the design and production of tea boxes became the focus of merchants. What types of tea boxes are generally used for packaging? Exquisite and high-end tea box packaging is more face-saving.

Basically, the more common ones in the market are wooden tea boxes and paper tea boxes. There are tea boxes made of solid wood, MDF, and plywood. Choose the appropriate tea box material according to the quality of the tea.

The surface of the wooden tea box will be treated, and there are decorative patterns such as bronzing, silk screen printing, engraving, embossing, etc., which highlight the quality of the wooden tea box. The second is a paper tea box, generally most of them choose high-grade paper fabrics for packaging.

The design of the paper packaging box depends on the positioning of the brand owner. The high-end brand of tea has always been low-key and elegant in the design of the tea box. The third type of tea box is made of iron.

Usually, most of the teas you buy and drink are packaged in iron boxes, using tinplate, aluminum and other materials, and are produced in large quantities after being tested on the machine. There are also advanced productions of this type. Depending on the positioning of the brand, with the continuous upgrading of the craftsmanship, the iron sheet production of the tea box is quite good.

There are low-end and high-end tea boxes packaged. The tea boxes on the market are divided into different grades, corresponding to different prices. It is enough to buy cost-effective tea according to personal needs.

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