What should be paid attention to in the design of electronic cigarette packaging boxes


The design of the electronic cigarette box is to pay attention to what is paying attention to health in people's lives. Most people no longer smoke and drink, but focus on health. Some people choose to suck electronic smoke in order to quit smoke addiction.

Electronic cigarettes are an electronic product that imitates cigarettes. It has the same appearance, taste and feeling as cigarettes. It is a charging function that allows people to have the same experience as cigarettes during the suction process.

Electronic cigarettes are easy to carry and fashionable design, and more and more people tend to suck electronic cigarettes. In order to compete for market benefits, merchants spend their thoughts on the design of electronic cigarettes. In the past, the packaging box of electronic cigarette products on the market just played the role of packaging electronic cigarette products.

It cannot show electronic cigarette products well. If consumers want to watch the performance of electronic cigarettes, they need to remove the cover of the box, and then remove the cover of the box, and then remove the cover of the box. Then It is not convenient to pull out the electronic cigarettes and watch it.

It is not conducive to the display of the product, and it is not beautiful. The current electronic cigarette box has improved this disadvantage. In the design of the box, it uses a gift box to flip the cover.

Consumers can open the box cover when purchasing, and watch the quiet lying electronic cigarette products lying inside. In the appearance of the lid, the designer prints the basic properties and pictures of electronic cigarette products to facilitate consumers to understand product performance as soon as possible. Some boxes are made of transparent glass material.

Glass boxes can better show the fashion sense of electronic cigarette products, allowing consumers to see this electronic cigarette product at first glance, attracting consumers' attention. The outer packaging of the electronic cigarette box should be designing the same style and unified style as the electronic cigarette product when designing. The overall style should be fresh and fashionable, emphasizing the freshness and health of nature, and the designer is designed in the outside of the packaging box according to this creativity.

Different styles and patterns are very popular with people. However, although electronic cigarette products do not have the high scoring amount of cigarette products, after all, it also contains the amount of tar to, so people should not suck them for a long time. For the sake of the health of themselves and their families, it is better to quit smoking.

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