Which materials are better for jewelry boxes?


What materials are better for jewelry boxes? Color City Packaging Jewelry Jewelry, refers to the raw materials, semi-finished products, semi-finished products of jewelry jade and precious metals, as well as raw materials made of jewelry and precious metals, semi-finished products, craft decorations and art collections, like jewelry This type of jewelry is relatively valuable. Many jewelry dealers, when choosing the material of making jewelry boxes, will also be related. What materials will be used in jewelry boxes? The structure of the jewelry box is in the middle and inner layers.

The body material of the jewelry box is generally wood, glue, and paper. 1. The materials of wooden jewelry boxes are divided into medium fiber plates and solid wood.

Solid wood is generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine wood jewelry box, beyl wood jewelry box, peach core wood jewelry box, ebon wood jewelry box. The characteristic is Tochigi products. The medium fiber plate is our so -called synthetic board, compression board, fiber board, artificial board, MDF board.

Because the construction process of solid wood is relatively complicated, the consumption time is high, some wooden jewelry boxes on the market are generally used in the market. , Created in the medium fiber plate, the surface is packed on the surface, and the effect is not much different from solid wood. The price of solid wood is definitely higher than the medium fiber plate, but the effect of the finished products made is not much different.

The wooden jewelry box itself has a retro and elegant flavor. You can put jade jewelry with more valuable jewelry, which also has high collection value, and it is also more valuable. Second, glue -gel jewelry box is generally used for PPC, PVC, PET/APET as the material, which is processed by a series of processes such as printing, mold cutting, and sticky boxes.

Compared to other packaging such as traditional carton, rubber boxes (except PVC materials) have the advantages of environmental protection, non -toxic, high transparency, and more intuitive display products, which can effectively improve the product packaging grade. Moreover, these boxes are relatively cheap. Generally, there are more in silver jewelry stores.

Three. Paper -paper jewelry boxes are mainly used with cardboard. The hardness is moderate, and the price is very cheap.

It is suitable for cheap prices. The carton is also more environmentally friendly. The material of the outer layer of the jewelry box is mainly leather, paper, and velvet.

You can refer to the inner layer of the jewelry box in the jewelry box that I have compiled before. Line, contains antioxidant and wear -resistant fiber to prevent wear on jewelry, wearing corresponding style keys or password locks to protect the safety of jewelry. For example, comfortable and soft materials such as velvet cloth, sponge.

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