• Offset Printing Machine
    Offset Printing Machine
  • Film Lamination Machine
    Film Lamination Machine
  • Auto Box Pasting Machine
    Auto Box Pasting Machine
  • Paper Cutting Machine
    Paper Cutting Machine
  • Paper Cutting Machine
    Paper Cutting Machine
  • Auto Foil Stamping Machine
    Auto Foil Stamping Machine
  • Auto PVC Pasting Machine
    Auto PVC Pasting Machine
  • Half-Auto Foil Stamping Machine
    Half-Auto Foil Stamping Machine
  • CTP Machine
    CTP Machine
  • cutting machine
    cutting machine
  • Pasting Machine for Cards and Corrugated Box
    Pasting Machine for Cards and Corrugated Box
The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years.
Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
  • Regular FAQ
  • What should we pay attention to when designing the packaging carton?

    With the deepening of my country's reform and opening up, international exchanges are becoming more and more frequent, and international political, economic, cultural, sports, business, and religious activities are increasing, the packaging requirements for products are getting higher and higher, and the extended packaging is used. The supporting industries are becoming more and more mature, showing broad development space and market prospects.

  • Are You Manufacturer or Trading Company?

    We are the 100% Manufacturer specialized in printing & packaging business more than 20 years with over 100 skilled workers and more than 10 experienced sales.

  • What is the service you can provide?

    We provide packaging solutions based on your packaging idea. create dieline, 3D template, provide free plain sample and even can provide color sample. Every design of the packaging is made to customer's exact specification . We offer efficient services to help make your own packaging, from creating custom size boxes to different coating options

  • How can you guarantee your quality after shipping?

    Every order, no matter small or big, we will our fixed quality control process from printing to handwork and packing. We provide 60 days quality guarantee after goods delivery. and will take responsibility when you find problem after receving the goods. we cares for every of your common to improve our quality.

  • Do you accept small order? What is your MOQ?

    In our mind, No project is too big nor too small. but we still has to set 500pc as MOQ ,considering costing problem, because no matter small order or big order, the process is same, as a manufacturer , each process has its minimum charge .

  • How to place the order?

    1) we receive your artwork 2) we send you artwork for approval 3) we make sample for you to confirm quality 4) we send you invoice to arrange deposit 5) we arranged production 6) we show you photo or video or you arrange 3rd party to check quality 7) client arrange balance payment 8) shipping

  • What is your production capability ?

    We have over 100 skilled workers, five manual production lines for handmade boxes we have full rage of after-print facility and most of the equipment are fully automated. we can produce 200000pc of paper folding carton a day. 20000pc paper bags a day. 20000pc of rigid box a day.

  • Can you help to arrange door to door shipping as I don't know how to import?

    Yes of course. We provide End-to-end & hassle-free logistics . With the experience of export to over 50 countries. You can save on inventory costs by ordering only the packaging you need right now. Our freight team and shipping partners find end-to-end distribution solutions to deliver your packaging on the fly or sea .

  • Do you have any stock to retail?

    We only make customization based on customer’s special requirements so there is no stock.

  • How long is the sample time and production lead time?

    Normally sample time will be 2 to 10 working days, for mass production is around 10-20 working days. depend on product complexity

  • Regular FAQ


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