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Corrugated box is a common packaging material. It is made of corrugated cardboard. It has the characteristics of lightness, environmental protection, and durability. It is widely used in the packaging of various products. The content of corrugated box product packaging will be introduced in detail below.



 1.Outer Packaging

The outer packaging of corrugated boxes is usually made of kraft paper or cardboard to protect the goods inside the box. The outer packaging is usually printed with information such as the brand, model, specification, and production date of the product, so that consumers can purchase and use it.


2. Lining

The inner lining of corrugated boxes is usually made of white cardboard or gray cardboard to protect the goods from extrusion and friction. The thickness and quality of the lining depends on the nature and weight of the merchandise.


3. Corrugated Cardboard

The main part of the corrugated box is corrugated cardboard, which is composed of one or more layers of corrugated paper and face paper, which has strong compression resistance and cushioning properties. Corrugated cardboard has different thickness and corrugated shape, and can be selected according to the nature and weight of the product.


4. Printing

The outer packaging and inner lining of corrugated boxes can usually be printed to increase the aesthetics and publicity of the product. Printing can be color printing or monochrome printing, and the printing content can be pictures, texts, logos, etc. of the product.


5. Design

The design of corrugated boxes is very important, it needs to take into account the nature, weight, size, mode of transportation and other factors of the goods. The design requires corrugated cartons to have good load-bearing capacity, cushioning performance, and waterproof and moisture-proof performance to protect the goods from damage.

What is the craft, function and advantage of corrugated box packaging?

1. Material and production process of corrugated box: describe the material characteristics of corrugated box, such as the thickness of the paper surface, the type of corrugated paper core, etc., and the process of making corrugated box, such as hot-press gluing, cutting, etc.

2. The structure and function of corrugated boxes: introduce the structural features of corrugated boxes, such as the design of the cover, bottom, and sides, as well as the functions of corrugated boxes, such as protecting goods and facilitating handling.

3. The application scope and advantages of corrugated paper boxes: explain that corrugated paper boxes are suitable for the packaging of various commodities, such as food, electronic products, daily necessities, etc., and the advantages of corrugated paper boxes compared with other packaging materials, such as environmental protection and low cost.

4. How to use and precautions for corrugated boxes: Provide how to use corrugated boxes, such as how to assemble, how to seal, etc., as well as matters that need attention when using corrugated boxes, such as avoiding moisture and heavy pressure.


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