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Celebrate love this Valentine's Day with our Personalized Rose Gift Boxes, designed to capture the essence of romance and affection. Each box is a testament to your unique love story, featuring a carefully selected rose, elegantly presented in a beautifully crafted box. With the option to customize and add personal touches, this gift is not just a box but a memorable keepsake that your loved one will cherish forever.

Red Rose Gift Boxes



 Perfect For:

- Valentine's Day surprise

- Anniversary gift

- Romantic gesture

- "Just because" expression of love

- A breathtaking Valentine's Day revelation

- Celebrating anniversaries with a touch of elegance

- A romantic surprise that speaks volumes

- A spontaneous gesture of undying love


  • Product name
    Paper jewelry rose box
  • Types
  • Material
    120g colored art paper + 1000g red cardboard

  • Color
    black,pink,yellow,light green
  • 20GP container Qty
    220V~Small: 241920pcs    Medium:172830pcs    
  • Way of packing 
    50HZSmall: 320 pcs/carton box    Medium: 210 pcs/carton box   
  • Carton Measurement
    25WSmall : 28x38x34cm     Medium: 32x35x30cm
  • Gross weight
    280~380ml/hSmall : 15.23kg/ctn,      Medium: 14.35kg/ctn,    
  • Feature
  • Certification
    FSC、SGS、ISO9001,FDA,Disney ect.

1.Key Features

- Customization Options: Personalize the gift with your loved one's name, a special date, or a heartfelt message engraved on the box.

- Elegant Presentation: Each rose is meticulously selected and presented in a stylish box, available in various colors to match your loved one's taste.

- Quality Assurance: We use only the highest quality roses, ensuring they remain vibrant and fresh, symbolizing your enduring love.

-Versatile Designs: Choose from a range of designs, from classic elegance to modern chic, to find the perfect match for your significant other's personality.


2.Crafting Your Gift

1. Select Your Box: Start by choosing the perfect box design that resonates with your loved one's style.

2. Choose Your Rose: Pick from our selection of premium roses, considering color symbolism to convey your message.

3. Personalize: Add a personal touch with customization options. Engrave a message, name, or date to make it uniquely theirs.

4. Final Touches: Decide if you want to include additional items like chocolates, a plush toy, or a handwritten note to complement your gift.

3.Unparalleled Customization

Engrave your deepest affections with options for personalization that include names, special dates, or heartfelt messages, making each box uniquely yours.

- Sophisticated Presentation: Our roses are selected for their beauty and longevity, cradled in handcrafted boxes that come in an array of designs to suit your beloved's sophisticated taste.

- Exceptional Quality: Only the finest roses make it into our boxes, ensuring they exude vibrancy and fragrance, symbolizing the strength and beauty of your love.

- Diverse Design Selection: From timeless elegance to contemporary flair, our diverse box designs ensure you find the perfect embodiment of your partner's essence.




 Our Exquisite Personalized Valentine's Day Rose Gift Boxes are designed not just to be given, but to be experienced. They serve as a timeless symbol of love, a way to encapsulate your deepest feelings in an artifact of unmatched elegance. With comprehensive customization options and a commitment to quality, these gift boxes promise an unforgettable impact. Make this Valentine's Day not just a day of love, but a day of unforgettable expression with a gift that truly speaks from the heart.Our Personalized Valentine's Day Rose Gift Boxes are more than just gifts; they are a grand gesture of love, designed to make your loved one feel cherished and special. With customization options and elegant presentation, these gift boxes are sure to leave a lasting impression this Valentine's Day.  

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