Basic principles of packaging layout


In packaging design, because there are many contents to be expressed in advance, such as brand names, trademarks, physical images, color block segmentation, decorative patterns, etc., each part of the design should move closer to a goal and clearly express a meaning. Therefore, in the composition and arrangement processing, it is necessary to pay more attention to the overall arrangement, not only to highlight the theme, to have clear priorities, but also to be rich in layers and clear, and to combine the basic rules of composition, pay attention to balance, contrast, harmony, and unity.

1. Balance Balance is to bring together various design elements or components in one place in order to have a "whole sense" in the appearance of the design work. Visual balance can be created through symmetrical or asymmetrical methods.

2. Contrast If the arrangement of various elements emphasizes the differences between each other, a contrast effect is created. Contrasting aspects can be the positive and negative dynamic effects produced by stroke width, size, proportional relationship, hue, lightness, or spatial spacing.

3. Tension Tension is the expression of the equilibrium state between opposite elements. Because the individual elements are given more emphasis, the layout design using the principle of tension can stimulate the interest of the viewer.

Fourth, the positive and negative relationship Positive and negative refers to the relative relationship between various design elements in a composition. An object or element constitutes the foreground (i.e.

"positive"), and the blank space or environment surrounding the element is the background (i.e. "negative").

5. Lightness Lightness (also known as "color value") is created by the lightness and darkness of a color. Using the principle of lightness, the viewer's attention can be effectively controlled by the method of light and dark contrast.

6. Weight Weight refers to the size, shape, and color effects of a visual element relative to other elements. 7.

Arrangement Arrangement is the relative position of each element in a visual pattern. The arrangement creates a focal point, and the focal point guides the eye's viewing direction. 8.

Arrangement Arrangement is the arrangement of various visual elements according to the method of logical classification, so as to conform to the human perception mode and support the natural flow of information from the visual effect. The parts of the design and their interrelationships are expressive enough to make the design a harmonious whole with basic expressive tendencies.

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