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The box is designed as a double-layer drawer, and the upper and lower layers can store lipstick and perfume respectively. The design of the drawer makes it easy for users to access products, while also increasing convenience during use.

The appearance of the box adopts exquisite printing technology and can be customized according to the characteristics of the product and brand style. A wide range of colors and patterns can be chosen to make the box more attractive and recognizable.

Product  Display

1.Material Selection

Choosing high-quality cardboard as the material of the box can increase the texture and stability of the box. You can consider using special textures or hot stamping, hot silver and other techniques to enhance the visual effect of the box.

2.Box Structure

Designed with a double-layer drawer structure, the upper layer can be placed with lipstick or perfume, and the lower layer can be placed with paper packaging. The drawer design can be hidden or push-pull, making it easy to open and close.

3.Internal Padding

Adding soft padding to the inside of the box can protect the appearance and quality of your lipsticks and perfumes. You can use flannel, sponge and other materials, and you should also consider the color matching with the product.

4.Printing And Decoration

Print the brand logo, product name and characteristic patterns on the outside of the box. You can use high-gloss ink or hot stamping, hot silver and other processes to increase the texture and luxury of the box.

5.Size And Packaging

Based on the size and quantity of lipstick, perfume and paper packaging, design appropriate box size and internal partitions so that the product can be perfectly placed in the box. At the same time, considering transportation and protection, an outer packaging box can be designed to increase the safety and uniqueness of the product.

Enhance brand status and attract consumers’ attention

The inside of the box can be customized according to the shape and size of the product to ensure product safety and stability. Appropriate lining materials, such as sponge or silk, can be added to increase the product's protective and luxurious feel.

In short, the high-quality lipstick and perfume paper packaging double-layer drawer box is an elegant and practical packaging box that can effectively protect and display high-quality cosmetics such as lipstick and perfume, and enhance the image and value of the product.

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