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  • perfume box supplier at Wholesale Prices | Caicheng Printing

perfume box supplier at Wholesale Prices | Caicheng Printing

The design of Caicheng Printing is complete by utilizing CAD which is updated to keep up with packaging design trends. Thus, its design will never go out of style.
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After years of solid and rapid development, Caicheng Printing has grown into one of the most professional and influential enterprises in China. perfume box supplier Today, Caicheng Printing ranks the top as a professional and experienced supplier in the industry. We can design, develop, manufacture, and sell different series of products on our own combining the efforts and wisdom of all our staff. Also, we are responsible for offering a wide range of services for customers including technical support and prompt Q&A services. You may discover more about our new product perfume box supplier and our company by directly contacting us.The product is able to provide information regarding the contents. This information may be promotional, factual or mandated by consumer law.

The packaging box is made of high-quality black cardboard material, which has been finely processed to give the entire packaging box a very high texture and luxury. The surface of the box adopts a unique printing process, making the entire box look very delicate, while also effectively preventing scratches and stains.

Perfume Packaging Magnet Boxes



This customized black luxury perfume packaging box is a very high-end product, which can provide manufacturers with a sense of sophistication, enhance the brand image, and attract more consumers. If you need to customize such a packaging box, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the most professional service.


  • Product name
    Paper Gift box
  • Types
  • Material
    350g colored art paper + 500g black cardboard

  • Color
    black,pink,yellow,light green
  • 20GP container Qty
    220V~Small: 241920pcs    Medium:172830pcs    
  • Way of packing 
    50HZSmall: 320 pcs/carton box    Medium: 210 pcs/carton box   
  • Carton Measurement
    25WSmall : 28x38x34cm     Medium: 32x35x30cm
  • Gross weight
    280~380ml/hSmall : 15.23kg/ctn,      Medium: 14.35kg/ctn,    
  • Feature
  • Certification
    FSC、SGS、ISO9001,FDA,Disney ect.

1. Black is a classic and noble color

That conveys the brand's sense of luxury. The customized black perfume packaging box can be made by selecting high-quality black cardboard or other luxury materials to make the box look more high-end and exquisite. Black can also be combined with the brand's iconic colors or patterns to enhance brand recognition.

2.The design of the box should be consistent with the brand image

A simple and elegant design style can be adopted, highlighting the professionalism and refinement of the brand. Brand logos, slogans, or other unique elements can be printed on the box to increase brand recognition and impression.

3.The material and craftsmanship of the box are also key to showcasing a sense of sophistication

You can choose high-quality cardboard, leather, or other luxurious materials to make the box, combined with fine craftsmanship such as stamping, silk lining, etc., to make the box more exquisite and high-end. Such a box can not only protect perfume, but also become a part of consumers' collection.


In addition, the shape and structure of the box can also be customized according to the brand image.

You can choose unique shapes, such as squares, circles, or other non-traditional shapes, to highlight the brand's personality and uniqueness. Special opening methods can be designed, such as magnetic buckles, zippers, or other innovative opening methods, to provide consumers with a unique user experience.

the customized black luxury perfume packaging box is an important element to show the manufacturer's sense of sophistication. By selecting high-quality materials and craftsmanship, designing in line with the brand image, unique shapes and structures, and adding added value, a box that leaves a deep impression on consumers can be created, enhancing the brand's influence and market competitiveness.

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In our sample room, there are thousands of carton designs for customers to customize for reference, you can get more inspiration for custom cartons from here, including holiday gift box, jewelry boxes, chocolate boxes, cosmetic boxes, tea boxes and so on!

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