Detailed key points of color design of packaging


The color of the packaging is attached to the graphics, text and texture, which not only needs to be beautiful and generous to meet people's aesthetic requirements, but also should be highly coordinated with people's psychological feelings. Packaging color design is mainly considered from the following aspects: 1. Color tone Tone is the general tendency of the color configuration on the screen, and the main color of a group of colors has an absolute advantage in the whole screen.

The packaging needs to be highlighted within 3 seconds on the long-distance shelf to convey the product information, which requires a strong overall sense of color to match. Therefore, the key to packaging color design is tone design. The color tone design requirements should be unified with the main functions of the product.

For example, red and orange should be used for gift packaging, and cold tones should be used for beverage packaging. The color design must conform to the trend of the times and adapt to the traditional habits of color in different regions and different ethnic groups, in order to make the product popular. Therefore, packaging design must respect the customs of the place of sale.

2. Color contrast Strong color contrast can give people a deep impression. The contrast mainly includes the following three aspects: (1) The brightness contrast includes the brightness contrast of the same hue and different hues, which needs to be compared repeatedly for accurate expression.

Brightness contrast can enhance the sense of crispness. The stronger the contrast, the clearer the visual effect, and vice versa. (2) Purity comparison In the same hue, the higher the purity, the more vivid it is; the lower the purity, the more turbid it is.

Contrast of purity enhances richness. (3) Hue contrast is the phenomenon of color shift caused by different hues when two or more colors are juxtaposed or alternately changed, and can be divided into adjacent color contrast, complementary color contrast and cold and warm contrast. In the color contrast design, the contrast should be just right, in order to make the picture bright but not vulgar, flashy but not floating, and produce a harmonious and harmonious beauty.

3. Color harmony Color harmony gives people a subtle, rich, elegant, pleasant and comfortable feeling. The main reconciliation methods are: (1) The same tone and color combination refers to the color combination of the same hue but different lightness, such as the combination of light green, bright green and dark green, or the combination of light red, bright red and dark red.

(2) Approximate hue sum refers to the combination of different colors containing common components, such as orange, vermilion, and yellow all containing yellow components, which are easy to coordinate together. 4. The rhythm of color is an important factor that constitutes the sense of form of the picture.

There are many changes in the picture, such as strength, size, light and shade, hardness and softness, high and low, virtual and real, etc. The alternation of these contradictions is not simple. It is the repetition of various forms of rhythmic movement, which has both repetition and development, and each aspect restricts and promotes each other, reflecting the harmony of nature.

From the picture effect, there are intense, smooth, happy, melancholy and so on. A variety of different colors form an organic whole to reflect the same theme, and are integrated into the rhythm of the rhythm. In color relations, contrast is the factor of change, and harmony is the factor of unification.

The basic requirement of packaging color design is to deal with the relationship between change and unity, seek change in unity, seek unity in change, and the two complement each other. At the same time, the quality of the color effect of the packaging does not depend on how many colors are used. The key lies in the selection and coordination of colors.

Using too many colors can easily lead to a messy feeling and look tacky.

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